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Ergonomic design consisting of materials resistant to water and external weather conditions. Motorcycle textile protection bar bag with easy fixing feature. It is very useful and easy to clean with its 6+6 liter volume. Fixing feature to different protection bars. reflector strip.

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Tars Bag HP6 2 Pieces Protection Iron Bag

Technicial Specifications

(Dimensions may vary depending on loading capacity.)

Volume :

Weight :

Advantages of Tarsbag bags for you

1. Waterproof.

Thanks to the 4-layer shell design in total with 600D Oxford fabric and PU membrane, liquids will no longer come into contact with your belongings.

2. Durable materials.

Resistant to harsh weather conditions, extreme temperature differences and friction in the production of tarsbags
materials are used.

3. High internal volume.

Loading thanks to the height of your bag that can be raised and the mouth that opens from above and closes by twisting
You can use it more voluminously by increasing the volume.

4. Lightweight

Thanks to the light materials used in its production, your bag is no longer an extra burden for your engine.

5. Easy to clean.

You can easily clean the fabric used in Tarsbag bags by wiping them with water-based liquids.

6. Extra fixing plugins.

Thanks to the internal loops and straps on the body of your bags, you can fix any other product you want.

7. Fixing feature to different side bag bars.

You can easily use it by mounting it to many saddlebag bars thanks to its 5-point optimal lashing straps.

8.Reflector strip.

Thanks to the adaptive reflector in your bag, your visibility will be even more effective.

About the use of the bag,

1-Because there is a membrane with a seamless-thermal seal system inside the bag, it is not suitable for washing by hand or washing machine. You can easily clean the product by wiping it with a chemical-free wet fiber cloth.

2- When using the inside of the bag, ensure that hard and sharp materials do not come into contact with the inside of the bag. Otherwise, the bag may be punctured and lose its waterproof feature.

3- Be careful that a temperature above +50 degrees does not come into contact with the inside of the bag.

4- Before you start driving, make sure that you apply the fastening mechanism of the bag correctly. 

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