A Wonderful Product

ÖZGÜR GÖNENDİR – TANIM SİGORTA A.Ş After long researches, I decided on the soft bag. However, there was no brand in the market that I would prefer other than a foreign product. While the high price of the budget forced me to the metal bag, I first thought it was an imported product from its logo, then I determined that it was a domestic product. The tarsbag bag set I bought was my savior. Material quality, practicality and full […]

Tars Bag

Tolga ÜNALDI – Musician I'm 47 years old now and I use a motorcycle as a vehicle, I don't have a car, I guess I can't use it anyway. Even though I can't leave the city for a long time due to work, I am on the bike in summer and winter. Hence the biker proverb “there is no bad weather; There is insufficient equipment.” very true word. I tried to collect as much equipment as possible, and in this regard as much local […]

Tars Bag is a formation

Serkan Kural – Editor-in-Chief/Gezgin (Doğasever) Tars Bag is a formation. Because; a domestic stance against existing foreign brands. So much so that it is as solid and useful as the bags we bought by paying extra money. From the day I got it, it helped me get all the materials I needed for the trip, which I thought I would need. When I go camping, I cannot explain the ease of carrying the rear saddlebags with their inner bags. The tent […]

Motorcycle Couple

Hello to everyone from Blog Motorcycle Couple… We are a Motorcycle Couple who enjoys being in nature with their motorcycles and associates reaching freedom with motorcycle and nature. Enduro is also our lifestyle at this point. We pursue being on the road in all weather conditions and embarking on new adventures at every point of our life. Being on the road with a motorcycle; It requires you to think carefully while carrying your belongings to new adventures. Every […]

Greetings Everyone

Hüseyin Gündoğdu Greetings All, I discovered Tarsbag while looking for a new bag for my CRF1100L Africa Twin. Topcase wasn't enough when it came to camping and vlog works. First, I was looking at aluminum bags, but there is no one who does not go camping with a motorcycle and enters uneven surfaces or terrain, right? As such, aluminum bags always remained as a question mark in my mind. The problem is actually the engine […]