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Tars Bag

Tars Bag

I'm 47 years old now and I use a motorcycle as a vehicle, I don't have a car, I guess I can't use it anyway. Even though I can't leave the city for a long time due to work, I am on the bike in summer and winter. Hence the biker proverb “there is no bad weather; There is insufficient equipment.” very true word. I tried to collect the best equipment as possible and one of my main thoughts was to choose and support our domestic brands as much as possible. When the topcase was not enough in the camps I went to, I went in search of a fabric bag, which we call softbag, which we wear on both sides. Familiar foreign brand bags were good in terms of materials used in R&D studies, but they were pocket-friendly. When I was always thinking why someone doesn't make a neat and nice design bag, I came across a bag called Tars Bag on the internet once or twice, I couldn't hide my surprise because it looked nice.

They hadn't even started selling yet. One day, my bearded biker friend Serkan Kural called me to his workplace and said that the makers of Tars Bags are also coming. Of course, I went and had a good-bye chat at that time, Mehmet wore one of the first side bags produced for his own engine, I have my intention, too. I said I'm buying these bags, let's take them out and put them on my engine 🙂 It was a surprise, but we really put them on, then we went to the warehouse and put on the bags with the front bumper inside, a I became the first customer of Tars Bag full set fabric bags. Afterwards, a tour of Thrace and Ankara, I was very satisfied. The material quality was very good, the binding is also easy to understand. One question I had in mind was that the fabric had a waterproof membrane instead of the waterproof outer cover and inner bag, which they fixed in the new version before you read this article. It is not very wide, so anyone can use it in the city. I preferably use it on holidays. Also, when you enter Chinese-like places and tilt the engine, you have very good protections 🙂

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