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Tars Bag is a formation

Tars Bag is a formation

Tars Bag is a formation. Because; a domestic stance against existing foreign brands. So much so that it is as solid and useful as the bags we bought by paying extra money. From the day I got it, it helped me get all the materials I needed for the trip, which I thought I would need.

When I go camping, I cannot explain the ease of carrying the rear saddlebags with their inner bags. It is a great comfort for me to put my materials, which I folded and organized in the tent, into the bags on the motorcycle.

On the other hand, I can put small items or raincoats and engine wash cloths in my front protection iron bags. On the other hand, the tool bag provides great convenience for me to carry the inner tube repair kits and necessary repair tools on my long journeys. And to these; The advantage of these waterproof bags being lighter than the case bags for off-road driving is great. I say show your stance in this formation. Tars bag determines your style.

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