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Greetings to everyone from Motorcycle Couple...

We are a Motorcycle Couple who enjoys being in nature with their motorcycles and associates reaching freedom with motorcycle and nature. Enduro is also our lifestyle at this point. We pursue being on the road in all weather conditions and embarking on new adventures at every point of our life.

Being on the road with a motorcycle; It requires you to think carefully while carrying your belongings to new adventures. When we are on the road in all weather conditions, we need to protect our belongings from external conditions and carry them safely. At this point, the bag system that you will integrate into your motorcycles is of vital importance.

We entrusted our belongings to Meta Moto's “Tars Bag” and continued on our way with peace of mind. The handy protective iron bags, which are our saviors in all weather conditions in daily use, and the waterproof side bags that allow us to not leave any of our belongings at home during our camping trips have become our life savers. Also, thanks to the tool bag, all our equipment is easy and with us in case of technical problems that may occur with our motorcycles.


We see ourselves as lucky motorcycle enthusiasts who were introduced to the "Tars Bag" bags early. It also makes us happy that such high quality bags are locally produced... We will pack our goods with Tars Bag in each of our next journeys... Thank you Meta Moto...


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